The Pfanzelt service programme

Safety has the topmost priority at Pfanzelt. Safety features include the perfect safety equipment of cable winches and forwarding trailers and also proper handover inspections and safety-related tests before one of our forestry machines leaves our works.

If there is a problem with one of our forestry machines, we are there to help straight away – without any complications. Thanks to our large network of competent agricultural machinery dealerships, supported by our own customer service technicians, we can react quickly wherever you are and rectify the problem immediately. And of course any spare parts you require are shipped by express parcel service.

The direct line to us:

Tel.:             +49 8860 9217-2914
             +49 170 37 44 0 30
(only texts, pictures and videos)

Fax:             +49 8860 9217-2913

Hours of business:

Mon. ‒ Thurs.   7.30 am ‒ 5.00 pm
Fr.                 7.30 am  ‒ 4.00 pm