Mini forestry tractors and mini forwarding tractors - discover the Pfanzelt remote-controlled mini tractors and mini felling tractors

Pfanzelt forestry machines are indispensable aids in various areas of application. They offer impressive performance for minimal use of resources.  Find out about the Moritz Fr75 mini forestry tractor (new in the range), the Moritz Fr50 mini forwarding tractor and the remote-controlled implement carrier as a mini mowing tractor in the Pfanzelt product range. Can’t find the functions or technology you need on our mini forestry tractors? Configure your ideal mini tractor yourself using the Pfanzelt forestry machine configurator.

Moritz Fr70/75

For spring 2020 Pfanzelt presents two new models of the Fr70/75 mini forestry tractor reflecting the motto The design is the same, but everything is new:

  • 50 or 75HP engine
  • Separate traction, on-board and power hydraulics (96l and 300 bar)
  • Mechanical PTO
  • Two three-point category 1 attachment mounts
  • Full operation of vehicle and attachments by professional remote control
  • Forestry cable winches with up to 7.2 metric tonnes tractive force


More information on the Fr 70/75 mini forestry tractor can be found here

Discover the Moritz mini forestry tractor in use in forestry work - from felling aid to pre-shipment use

The Moritz mini forestry tractor in action - product videos to inform and convince you

Discover the Moritz mini felling tractor in use in for safety felling or as a mower

The Moritz mini forwarding tractor on a slope or as a multipurpose mini tractor

Watch our product videos to see our Moritz mini tractor in use on a steep slope or clearing storm damage

The mini mowing and mulching tractor as a remote-controlled implement carrier

The new generation of the Moritz is ideal for use as a remote-controlled implement carrier and also impressive as a mini mulching and mowing tractor. Whether it’s landscape maintenance, track maintenance or maintaining bodies of water, Pfanzelt mini mowing tractors can be used for a wide range of purposes in agriculture and forestry thanks to their professional technology.

Interested in the Moritz as a remote-controlled implement carrier? The new generation of Moritz is the perfect choice for mowing and mulching.

Discover the mini mowing tractor in a variety of uses