Moritz Fr70/75 mini felling tractor - Second generation

In 2016, the Moritz revolutionised the mini felling tractor concept for forestry applications. The two new models have stayed true to the original concept while significantly advancing in terms of their technology.

They link tried-and-tested mini felling tractor elements with the demands to powerful, multipurpose minitractors.

The vehicle might not have changed visually, yet technologically the compact, powerful Moritz mini felling tractor has undergone a major overhaul.

Practical report

At Forstservice von Heeren, the Moritz is used primarily for forestry duties, as a forwarding tractor. In addition to the forestry cable winch for the Moritz mini felling tractor, Peter von Heeren also has a MAX forestry mulcher and appreciates how quickly and simply it can be converted.

Practical report

For the purpose of a forstARENA practical report, we provided the landscape maintenance company A. Rauck with a Moritz Fr75 for three months. Anni Rauck tested the remote-controlled implement carrier and compared it to her Moritz Fr50. Anni was really impressed with the performance and detailed solutions of the Moritz Fr75.

More output for your needs

On a purely visual basis the new models continue with the characteristic Moritz mini felling tractor design, yet technologically the vehicles have evolved significantly.

The new 4-cylinder DEUTZ engines generate a high torque (max. 260 Nm) and now boast 36.4 or 55.4 kW. The powerful Common Rail injection system and highly efficient combustion featuring cooled, external exhaust gas recirculation guarantees maximum engine performance as well as low fuel consumption and emission values. The water-cooled 4-cylinder in-line engine featuring cooled, external exhaust gas recirculation is installed in the Fr75 and Fr50 models without turbocharging.

The new engine categories in conjunction with the powerful hydraulics system and the additionally available, mechanical PTO enable operation of demanding attachments and cable winches with high tractive force.

High-spec hydraulics

The hydraulics system consists of three separate systems for drive mode, on-board and performance hydraulics. This separation opens up new dimensions for all three systems.

  • Driving hydraulics | 2x 11 kW
  • On-board hydraulics | 18 l/min, 200 bar, 6 dual action control units
  • Performance hydraulics | 96 l/min, 300 bar with multi-coupler

The working hydraulics now offer up to four proportional and two black/white, double-action functions which can all be operated simultaneously using the remote control.

Full power, more fuel-efficient

The Moritz Fr70/75 mini felling tractor features a CLEANFIX reversible fan as standard. This guarantees the system always generates the maximum air flow and pressure to efficiently cool and thoroughly clean.

More convenient operation for more output

For accessing the felling zone or forwarding as well as mulching, the proportional drive supports two speeds. The maximum speed is 6.0 km/h.

A drift setting to compensate for the downgrade force when mowing across a slope can be preset to guarantee convenient processes. The final speed can additionally be gradually adjusted.

The wide running gear and the low deadweight of the caterpillar create a low ground pressure of only 0.28 / 0.33 kg/cm² and thus protect the substrate to cause no issues on wet ground.

Thanks to a front slope angle of 50° and a rear slope angle of 40°, the mini felling tractor can easily make the transition from forest tracks into standing timber. The ample ground clearance of 320 mm allows the tractor to easily pick its way over roots and stumps and to manoeuvre on forwarding trails.

New drive dimension

The running gear width of the Moritz Fr70/75 can be adjusted to achieve the optimum width for both transport and off-road operations. The running gear can be hydraulically widened by 400mm. This means that the mini felling tractor can also be safely operated on slopes.

The running gear with a length of 1,650 mm is available for special applications in two configured widths: 250 and 300 mm.

Always under tension

The new, automatic belt guide via a hydraulically tensioned double guide wheel prevents the belts from jumping off even on uneven terrain or when driving over obstacles.

Simple transport

The machine’s dimensions and weight of 1.4 metric tons without attachments enable straight-forward and quick transport on a car trailer.

In control of all functions

Control and monitor all mini felling tractor functions using the completely new, ergonomic remote control. Functions include drive and cable winch speed adaptations as well as drive and cable winch control. If the vehicle is not needed for a short time, the engine can also be stopped or started via the remote control.

It is also possible to conveniently control any third-party attachments using the remote control for the Moritz.

Powerful winch

The Moritz can be equipped with a professional-specification geared cable winch generating a tractive force of 5.0 to 7.2 metric tons and providing a maximum cable capacity of 110 m for felling, forwarding or pre-bundling applications.

Proportional cable speed in both directions allows adjustment to different work situations.

For tidy cable winding, the cable winch can be equipped with a cable infeed brake.


The stacking shield is the basis for all winching work. It has been equipped with double-action hydraulic cylinders. If the weight of the mini felling tractor is not sufficient for winch operations, it can be additionally secured to another object (for example a tree) within a very short time.

The cable infeed height of the mini felling tractor is variable. The cable winch has been integrated into the stacking shield to be able to provide variable cable infeed heights.

Stowage space

The Moritz offers a large, lockable storage bin, several storage areas and a bracket for a chainsaw. Use them to neatly store chainsaws, fuel canisters and lashing straps.

Multipurpose unit

In addition to an installed cable winch at a favourable centre of gravity the Moritz boasts so many more functions to make it suitable for use as an off-road carrier vehicle. The cable winch, installed using a quick-change system, can be removed in only a few steps. It only takes a single person a few minutes to complete the procedure thanks to the excavation device. You can then mount tools to the vehicle using the three-point hitch (cat. 1).

Pfanzelt professional equipment for flexible application:

  • Forestry mulchers with oscillating, Y-shaped flails (optionally with hydraulic front flap and hydraulic lateral adjustment)
  • Forestry milling tool MAX with fixed tools, hydraulic front flap and chain guide (optionally with hydraulic lateral adjustment)  Read more
  • Sowing strip mulcher Read more
  • Planting machine Read more

Using the category 1 three-point hitch at the front and rear it is possible to attach other standard equipment made by third-party manufacturers to the Moritz.

Optimum weight distribution - as a remote-controlled implement carrier and as a mini forestry tractor

In addition to a cable winch which is installed on the vehicle with a favourable centre of gravity, the Moritz can be used multifunctionally as an off-road carrier vehicle. The cable winch, which is mounted using a quick-change system, can be dismantled in just a few steps. After that, implements can be attached to the vehicle via the threepoint linkage (Cat. 1).

Mechanical PTO

The Moritz’s mechanical PTO is unique on the market within forestry and mulcher minitractors. It is directly driven without hardly any loss and thus highly efficient in application. In combination with the universally suitable cat. 1 three-point hydraulics the Moritz is transformed into a multipurpose minitractor.

Multifunctional front installation space

Moritz is compatible with the right equipment for any application. Consequently, the vehicle features a second installation space at the front. The front power lift generates a maximum lifting force of 7 kN and can additionally also be equipped with a top link point.

Safety and lighting

Attach auxiliary headlights to the Moritz in two positions to ideally light up the working area.

Folding roll bars can also be equipped with an auxiliary headlight that is switched on and off using the remote control.

Implements and accessories for professionals.

MAX forestry cutter

With the MAX forestry cutter, the Moritz becomes a problem solver - for crop maintenance as well as for planting preparation and many other applications in the forest.

Technical specs:

  • Standing tools
  • Hydraulic front flap
  • Hydraulic downholder
  • Option: hydraulic side shift
  • Working width 1,200 mm

More about MAX forestry cutter

Auxiliary winch

For use on steep slopes, the Moritz forestry tractor can be equipped with an auxiliary winch which can be used with 360°. Safe and ground-conserving operation is thus possible even in extreme terrain.

Technical specs:

  • Pulling force 10 kN
  • Cable length max. 50 m
  • Forward/reverse with freewheel clutch

MAX forestry mulcher

The MAX forestry mulcher is designed for mulching grass and scrub.

Technical specs:

  • Swinging Y flails
  • Option: hydraulic front flap, hydraulic side shifting
  • Working width 1,200 mm

Stump grinder

The stump grinder is the supplement to the Moritz for all arborists, problem tree cutters, and gardeners and landscapers.

Technical specs:

  • Hydraulic support (parallel)
  • Swivel radius +/- 45
  • Working depth maximum 620 mm
  • Hydraulic front and rear adjustment of the swivel arm
  • Grinding wheel diameter 600 mm
  • 24 carbide round chisels, can be used on three sides

Traction winch

Hydraulically driven traction winch for securing the crawler on steep and difficult terrain, and minimising ground damage. Cable infeed with all-round rotating cable infeed  pulley, mounted on the vertically supported rotation arm, so that the vehicle is not hindered by the tensioned traction cable, and all directions of travel can be freely selected.


  • Automated planting
  • Milling wheel for preparing the planting site
  • Magazine for 50 container plants
  • Operation via Moritz radio control

The planter is equipped with a hydraulically driven milling disc to clear the planting bed of unwanted growth and forest soil. Afterwards, the planting spade is used and digs the planting hole. The planting magazine rotates and the plant falls into the ground hole; the plant is pressed on by a hydraulically operated device to ensure the required  ground contact. After planting is finished, the machine is moved back to its initial position.

More safety in forestry work

The entire felling process including the access to the zone is possible with the personal protection screen for forestry tractors. The protective screen is built up by the radio  control before entering the danger zone.

Protection from dead wood

There is a high risk of accidents for the forestry worker when felling trees by hand. Vibrations (for example from hitting the wedge) or wind can cause dead wood to come loose and fall down. This can cause injuries that may even be fatal. The personal protection screen for the Moritz mini forestry tractor offers the greatest possible protection for the forestry worker during the entire felling process.

Technical specs - mini felling tractor Moritz Fr70/75


Moritz Fr70


Moritz Fr 75


Customize your machineConfiguratorConfigurator


Deutz TD2.9L4 diesel engine
output: 36 kW/ 50 hp
4 cylinders, water-cooled, turbocharger,
Cleanfix reversible fan, combination radiator,
45-litre fuel tank

Deutz TD2.9L4 diesel engine
output: 55 kW/75 hp,
4 cylinders, water-cooled, turbocharger,
Cleanfix reversible fan, combination radiator,
45-litre fuel tank

Driving hydraulics

Closed, proportional dual-circuit system, all movements can be controlled remotely, gradual driving speed adaptation, first speed stage 0-3 km/h, second speed stage 0-6 km/h
Final speed can be gradually preselected, drift setting to compensate for the downgrade force when mowing across a slope, automatically hydraulically tensioned dual stator

Running gear

Caterpillar track running gear with rubber tracks in AS design (250 mm wide, 1,650 mm long)
hydraulically adjustable in width

Running gear

Torsion-resistant box frame made of special steel, large, lockable storage bin integrated on the running gear
Various attachment points for securing the tractor, Solid steel underbody protection housing,  All-round branch deflectors with integrated hood protector

On-board hydraulics

Separate oil circuit with pump (18 l/min at 200 bar)
One proportional control unit for hoist with water submersion position


Remote control for all functions (emergency stop, throttle adjustment of diesel engine, driving and steering, reversible fan, first and second gear, drift adjustment, optional hoist compensation, cable winch control, stacking shield up/down, water submersion position for hoisting mechanism, adjustable width, PTO on/off, auxiliary control valves, signal horn, lighting), cable winch operation/third-party consumers


Length 2,300 mm, width 1,150 mm/1,550 mm, height 1,350 mm, weight 1,400 kg

Length 2,300 mm, width 1,150 mm/1,550 mm, height 1,350 mm, weight 1,450 kg




Running gear 300 mm width (indead of 250 mm series)optionaloptional

LED working spotlights at the front and rear (tractor)


Roll bars

Transport boxoptionaloptional
Chain curtain for use with mulcher or forestry tilleroptionaloptional

Auxiliary front cable winch (requires additional DW control valve)

  • 10 kN tractive force
  • Ø 6 mm x 30 m cable (max. 50 m)
  • Cable infeed roller and cable brake
  • Controlled using tractor’s remote control
  • Supply and return with freewheeling coupling
Deflection pulley bottom for auxiliary front winchoptionaloptional

Three-point hitch for external equipment


Hoist compensation for rear hydraulics

Lifting gear relief for rear hydraulicsoptionaloptional

Front power lift with a maximum lifting force of 7kN


Tractor PTO transmission

  • Zero-maintenance, oil-cooled, multi-plate clutch that runs in an oil bath
  • PTO speed at transmission approximately 540 and 2,100 rpm.

Performance hydraulics

  • Closed oil circuit with axial piston adjustment pump generating a maximum output of 48 kW
  • Gradually adjustable oil supply quantity 0 - 96 l
  • 300 bar maximum pressure
  • with multicoupler (A+B+leak oil, 12V voltage)

Depressurised return with bracket


Proportional DW valve

max. 4max. 4

Black/white DW valve

max. 2max. 2

Fire-fighting version
flashing beacon light mounted on a bracket and flasher in the bonnet, warning label,




Cable winch units


Hydraulic cable winch, 50 kN tractive force

Prerequisite: Performance hydraulics

  • Worm gear drive: power transferred to the cable drums using hydraulically operated multi-plate clutches
  • Tractive force 50 kN
  • Max. cable capacity 110 m x 11 mm
  • Average cable speed (hydr.) 0.40 m/s
  • Multi-plate brake
  • Sintered disc clutch
  • Electr. solenoid valve control (wet armature)
  • Stacking shield:
    - Hydraulically height-adjustable with pressing function
    - Cable roll adapts to height
    - Lifting capacity at leveller: 14kN
    - Shield width approx. 1100 mm
    - K 50 attachment jaw and combination bolt (ball-type design)

Hydraulic cable winch, 60 kN tractive force
Prerequisite: Performance hydraulics

  • force 60 kN
  • cable capacity 110 m x 11 mm

All other data corresponds to the cable winch unit with a tractive force of 50 kN

Hydraulic cable winch, 72 kN tractive force

Prerequisite: Performance hydraulics

  • force 72 kN
  • cable capacity 90 m x 12 mm

All other data corresponds to the cable winch unit with a tractive force of 50 kN


Cable infeed brake


Excavation device – mechanical installation and removal aid for quick change of winch


Attachments for multifunctional applications


Forestry mulcher
Prerequisite: PTO transmission

Mulcher with a working width of approx. 1,200 mm, mechanically driven by the PTO, three-point linkage, cutting rotor features special blades arranged in spirals to guarantee constant and equal coverage of the mowing area, with mechanical lateral offset (approx. 400 mm)
Scope of delivery includes hoist, PTO shaft and 3-point hitch


Forestry mulcher with hydraulic flap
Prerequisite: PTO transmission and additional DW control valve


Forestry mulcher MAX with hydraulic flap
Prerequisite: PTO transmission and additional DW control valve
Mechanically driven by PTO, with hydraulic flap and mechanical lateral offset featuring 40 hard-metal round tools that can be used on three sides (by rotating the tool), arranged in spiral, tool movement diameter 340 mm, required input from 20 kW with Cardan shaft


Sowing strip mulcher
Prerequisite: PTO transmission
200 mm mulching depth, mechanically driven by PTO, V-shaped trenches (width at the top: 200, width at the bottom: 20 mm), hard-metal teeth featuring Cardan shaft


Sowing module with bunker (in conjunction with strip mulcher only)
Separate bunkers for coarse sowing with a capacity of approximately 55 l and fine sowing with a capacity of 10 l, electrically adjustable sowing frequency, automatic deactivation of the sowing unit when the vehicle is at standstill, Makrolon lid as sight glass

Planter Plantomatoptionaloptional
Hydraulically driven traction winch optionaloptional
Stump grinder for the Max forestry tilleroptionaloptional


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