Great production depth

In contrast to today's standard production philosophy, based on the purchase of many bought-in parts, Pfanzelt prefers to maximise the percentage of parts manufactured in-house. Besides guaranteeing the reliability and quality of all components, this also ensures short delivery times. On the other hand, this also means that the production of machines often involves more time and effort than with some of our competitors. However, to avoid an excessively high purchase price for the products, we obviously take the going market rates as our starting point for our pricing.

Accordingly, a part produced in-house does not necessarily cost more than a bought-in part. Besides in-house production, the extensive in-house know-how enables flexible reaction to changes and to product developments.


Laser cutting

CNC processing

Metal-cutting manufacturing

Bending robot

Manual press brake

Welding robot

Gear manufacturing


Paint shop

Cylinder construction

Automated large warehouse


Insight into production at Pfanzelt

After a six-month construction period, Pfanzelt put the automated large-scale warehouse into operation in 2020.

Large warehouse data

  • Floor area: 92 x 6 m
  • Height: 10 m (6.5 m above ground level)
  • Total storage volume 1,650 m3 or more than 1,125 pallet cages
  • Storage capacity 282 pallets (pallet dimensions 4.0 x 1.5 m - height up to 1.52 m)
  • Max. payload per pallet 3 tonnes, maximum payload 846 tonnes
  • Fully automated warehousing and optimisation
  • Connection to ERP system for expansion of the automated production chain
  • Special case: folding bridge and monorail for material distribution from the paint station directly through the large automatic warehouse to the assembly halls

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