K Trac

New vehicle system with focus on the operator

The Pfanzelt K Trac with its 4 implement attachment points is a genuine year-round vehicle for the municipal depot and for use in landscape and environmental care. The arrangement of the individual attachment points and the drive system means that the vehicle cab can be located in the middle of the vehicle. The Pfanzelt XXL cab creates an operator position with an optimum view of the vehicle and attached equipment. Behind the cab, the K Trac concept offers plenty of space, which can be used for mowing booms, loading cranes or a flat bed. A large gritter can also be installed here.

Fast | continuously variable gearbox variaDRIVE (70 km/h)

Manoeuvrable | combined 4-wheel-steering

Powerful | 205, 253 or 292 hp/ 200 l hydraulic power

Agile | Combined 4-wheel steering

Flexible | 4 changeable attachment and mounting spaces

Comfortable | pneumatically suspended XXL comfort cab with rotatable driver’s platform or full-fledged passenger seat

All-season vehicle for road maintenance

As different as the seasons, so are the uses in these periods. With its 4 attachment and mounting bays, the K Trac masters everything from winter service, tree maintenance, pruning to mowing work.

Manoeuvrable and fast

Thanks to its all-wheel steering, the new K Trac is a manoeuvrable implement carrier that doesn't shy away from narrow alleys and small-structured inner cities. With the possible 80 km/h licence, on the other hand, motorway journeys are also possible at high speed.

XXL comfort cab

The pneumatically-sprung, large-volume cab developed by Pfanzelt enables quiet and comfortable work with perfect allround view. A new concept for noise insulation enables quiet and vibration-dampened operation, especially at high engine speeds. Over 7 m2 of glass area provide optimum visibility of the working environment and increase work safety.

Rotatable operator stand or two-man cab

Depending on the area of application, you can choose between two variants of the cab. A version with a rotatable operator stand or a version with two air-sprung seats is available.
With the second variant, it is still possible to rotate the seat slightly in order to have an optimal view when working in the roadside greenery.
The driver finds a relaxed and ergonomic seating position in the operator's seat. Optionally, it can be rotated electrically by 340°. All controls, the pedals and the touchscreen terminal rotate together with the seat, always within easy reach.

Technical specs

Implement carrierK Trac 1220K Trac 1225K Trac 1230
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Engine151 kW | 205 hp | EU V | ISO 14396186 kW | 253 hp | EU V | ISO 14396215 kW | 292 hp | EU V | ISO 14396
Cylinder/ capacity/ nominal speed6 | 7,4 ltr. | 1,950 rpm
Type of motorAGCO Power 74 HD
Tank capacity350 ltr. Diesel | 40 ltr. AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid
TransmissionvariaDRIVE stepless (0 – 70 km/h) with reduced engine speed
Forward driving modes 3, reverse driving modes 2
(optionally 90 km/h)
Rear PTO540 rpm | 1,000 rpm
Front PTO1,000 rpm
Axial piston variable displacement pump160 ltr./min, 210 bar (optional 200 ltr./min, 210 bar)
Front/rear power liftsoptional
Control valves2 DW elektr. Heck
(optional: zusätzlich 2 DW elektr. prop. Front und Heck)
LS connexionRear power bracket (LS connexion)
Empty weight8.200 - 9.200 kg*
Permitted total weight14.000 kg (optional 17.000 kg)
Permissible axle load6.000 kg front | 11.500 kg rear
Bearing load2,000 kg automatic trailer coupling | 3,000 kg ball head with sliding carriage
Dimensions4,990 mm long | 2,400 mm wide (standard) | 3,220 mm high*
Minimum width: 2,250mm | maximum width: 2,800 mm
Ground clearance540 mm*
Wheelbase3.325 mm
Weight distributionVA 55 %, HA 45 %
Turning circle14.6 m front-axle steering | 10.50 m all-wheel steering (with standard tyres)
Mounting spaceWidth up to approx. 1,010 mm inside, above the mudguard up to max. outside width,
Height up to approx. 2,820 mm depending on tyres,
Length approx. 2,000 mm, also more depending on overhang
Tyres400/80 R 28 – 440/80 R 30 Nokian TRI 2 (standard)


* Values depend on equipment

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