K-Trac (study)

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New vehicle system with focus on the operator
The Pfanzelt K-Trac with its 4 implement attachment points is a genuine year-round vehicle for the municipal depot and for use in landscape and environmental care. The arrangement of the individual attachment points and the drive system means that the vehicle cab can be located in the middle of the vehicle. The Pfanzelt XXL cab creates an operator position with an optimum view of the vehicle and attached equipment. Behind the cab, the K-Trac concept offers plenty of space, which can be used for mowing booms, loading cranes or a flat bed. A large gritter can also be installed here.


Powerful drive train
The drive train based around the smooth-running, high-torque 6-cylinder DEUTZ engine with power ratings of 133 and 174 kW for maximum performance and minimum fuel consumption. The power is transmitted via a split, continuously variable ZF transmission. On public roads, the maximum speed of the vehicle is 50 km/h. This means the vehicle can rapidly drive to and between work zones. The combination of modern engine technology, a powerful hydraulic system and economical, power-split transmission is the basis for economic success and ensures low operating costs of the K-Trac.


Safe on the go
The hydraulic full suspension enables extremely safe and ergonomic working. Furthermore, this suspension can be automatically blocked during mowing and supports four driving modes. These modes are created from a combination of front and rear axle steering.

More details on the K-Trac

The chassis

The Pm Trac II, from served as the basis at Pfanzelt for the K-Trac, for example, was itself based on the vehicle chassis provided from a tractor manufacturer. The frame was, however, originally designed for agricultural use and had to be restructured by Pfanzelt for use in forestry and local authority application.

For new Pm Trac III series, on which also the chassis of the K-Trac is built, a completely new vehicle chassis was developed in house. The basis is a vehicle frame that has been designed from scratch for local authority applications.

The new front axle, in the form of a sliding tube axle with hydraulic suspension and automatic immobilisation, also constitutes an integral part of the new chassis. As soon as the vehicle is stationary, but also when selected by the during slow driving, the hydraulic suspension of the front and rear axles is automatically locked. The vehicle now achieves a very high level of stability, which creates maximum degree of safety when working with a mowing boom or a crane.

Attachment bays

Four flexible mounting and attachment bays form the basis of the K-Trac and what make it into a flexible detachable implement carrier:

Front attachment bay<br/> The front attachment bay of the K-Trac can be equipped with a front lift and an attachment plate for municipal implements. In addition, a front PTO and three hydraulic connections are optionally available.<br/> <br/> Front loader mounting bracket<br/> The vehicle can be equipped as standard with Stoll front loader mounting brackets.<br/> <br/> Rear attachment bay<br/> The large rear attachment bay offers space for the attachment of mowing booms and cranes. The attachment bay is also designed to receive gritters or a flat bed. The Kugelmann gritter has a gritting capacity of 2.6 m3 grit and a 1.3 m3 floor.<br/> <br/> Rear attachment bay<br/> For the attachment of various implements, the rear attachment bay is equipped with a powerful, double-action rear lift. If required by local conditions, this can also be equipped with EHR.


The Pfanzelt K-Trac is a world beater when it comes to flexibility and manoeuvrability. The combination of front-axle and rear-axle steering opens up in new manoeuvring options and offers four steering modes. When using four-wheel steering, the turning radius of the K-Trac is reduced to less than 10 m (depending on the tyres).

  • Front axle steering
  • Rear axle steering
  • All-wheel steering
  • Crabbing steering


XXL cab

The tractor cab developed by Pfanzelt with pneumatic suspension enable smooth and vibration-free operation.

The XXL cab is available in two different configurations on the K-Trac: The 2-man cabin has two full seats for the driver and front passenger with plenty of space. On request, the cab can be equipped with a 350° electrically rotating operator console. For the passenger meanwhile has a comfortable fold-out seat.

The view over the working environment is further extended with 7 m2 of window area. The driver has an even better view of his working zone, this means less stress and increasing safety. With the onset of twilight, the work area is illuminated by 12 work lights in the roof and up to 4 additional work lights at mid-height. All worklights can be switched on individually.

The driver has a relaxed and ergonomic sitting and working position on the operator console with air suspension that can now can be turned through 350° by electric motor. Also when the cab is equipped with two full seats, these are both air-sprung. For movements for which the steering wheel is not required, this can be folded to one side. The vehicle can now be steered by joystick.

The intelligent machine controller – which is operated via a touch screen from the seat – also saves the individual preferred settings for different drivers.

The Pfanzelt XXL cab has been especially created with the demands of our customers in mind – low vibrations when working with a mowing boom yet with maximum comfort when driving on public roads.


Stowage space

Chainsaws, fuel canisters and other useful accessories can be stowed practically and tidily in two large tool box to the left and right of the entrance into the driver’s cab.


Service friendly

Pfanzelt machines impress with their professional service concept with long service intervals and full diagnostics for all key components.

Pfanzelt’s carefully designed service concept begins with easy access to the radiator and engine compartment for cleaning. The vehicle cab can be tipped up for easy access to the remaining machinery compartment. The detachable implements can be removed in a matter of minutes, exposing the remainder of the chassis.

If the vehicle is equipped with a floor pan, it can be also be opened by means of a hand winch. This means that one person can safely work on his own.

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