More Drive | Drive systems for Pfanzelt logging trailers

The different drive systems made by Pfanzelt offer drives with high thrust for logging trailers. These enable comfortable working under difficult conditions and a high level of soil protection. Depending on the application situation and the size of the forwarding trailer, three different drive systems are available.


The new uniDRIVE hydraulic wheel drive sets new standards in terms of price/performance ratio and is available for Pfanzelt S-line (except for S6 model) and Pro forwarding trailers (P11 and P13).

  • Maximum thrust per wheel up to 2 t
  • Maximum speed up to 8 km / h
  • Hydraulic supply via oil supply or hydraulic system of the tractor
  • Extending the drive prevents wear during road trips

Friction drive

The drive system with friction drive consists from a special axle system with mounting cradle that is fitted<br/> with two hydraulic motors. The hydraulic motors drive two star-form friction rollers that if necessary are hydraulically pressed into the tyre treads. This system<br/> can transmit a thrust of 3 tonnes.