S-line forwarding trailers

The Pfanzelt S-line forwarding trailers are especially designed for use by private forest owners and semi-professional operations. The reliability of the technology has the same priority as for professional. However, the job description is different. 

The Pfanzelt S-line forwarding trailer is especially designed for service with private wood owners and semiprofessional operations.

An important criterion when buying a forwarding trailer is the safety equipment. Pfanzelt forwarding trailers offer all safety features required by KWF, FPA and the trade association.

Forwarding trailer S6

The model S6 is the starting model into Pfanzelt's forwarding trailer programme. A compact forwarding trailer with considerable power.

Forwarding trailer S8

For larger tasks in the farm forest, Pfanzelt will present the new S8 model in 2022. It has a longer crane with higher lifting capacity and an increased loading volume.


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Double frame

The frame of the S-line forwarding trailer is constructed as a bolted double tube frame. In this way, the loading bed can be used flexibly for different trunk lengths. Metre wood can be loaded at right-angles without conversion.

As soon as the two additionally available stanchions are mounted in the rear, the forwarding trailer can also be loaded with metre-wood bundles, or loose metre wood diagonally to the direction of travel.

Bogie axle

The bogie axle provides stability during crane operation and the greatest possible off-road mobility when driving, especiallyoin forwarding tracks. The even distribution of the ground pressure is another big advantage. 

Brake system

The S-line forwarding trailers are equipped with a hydraulic 2-wheel braking system as standard.

Road approval for 25 km/h is standard.

Steerable draw bar

The S-line forwarding trailers have a swivelling drawbar with high steering angle as standard. Two powerful hydraulic cylinders facilitate operation even when the laden forwarding trailer is turned against the slope. The steerable draw bar can be mechanically locked when driving on roads.

High-sided floor pan

Optionally, the forwarding trailer can also be equipped with a tray for cut material. It consists of two parts and can be mounted quickly and easily with the crane. The hot-dip galvanised high-sided floor pan is designed for transporting branch and cut material.

LED lighting with indicator monitoring

The lighting system using LED lights is integrated in the frame. To protect the lights when working in the forest, these can be folded in.

Stowage space

Important work equipment such as petron cans or tension belts are always at hand and can be transported safely. A chainsaw holder is also standard.

Crane geometry and ergonomic operation

Crane geometry

The toggle system on the forestry crane – also known as the power link system – between the main boom and folding boom ensures optimum crane geometry for loading work. Ergonomic loading directly onto the front grille is also thus made possible.

Protected from damage when loading and unloading the forwarding trailer, both hydraulic cylinders are located above the main arm. It also ensures constant force, greater reach and a higher working speed.


Ergonomic operation

The Pfanzelt operating station mounted as standard on the draw bar provides a well organised work station outside the hazard zone with an optimum view for safety purposes of the loading crane and the surrounding area. The crane control, which has two cross levers with an electric switch each, enables easy and comfortable crane operation.


Protected from damage when loading, the cylinders of the A-pillar support are installed inside. The telescopic structure of the stabilisers ensures secure support even in thick stands of timber and on slopes. It also makes it possible to drive close to the polter and thus utilise the full lifting power of the loader crane.

Hose routing

Protected routing of the hydraulic hoses from the control block to the tip of the crane ensures low downtimes and maxises safety at work.

Pfanzelt's highest priority is to ensure that the hydraulic hoses are secured over the entire crane or installed internally.

Crane winch

The Pfanzelt crane cable winch for the S6 and S8 offers more comfort and safety in use.

  • Tractive force 1.5 t, cable capacity 50 m
  • Professional forestry radio system
  • Mechanical trailing drum brake
  • Freewheel for fast and easy cable pull-out

Technical specs

S-line forwarding trailersS6S8
Customize your machineConfiguratorConfigurator
Frame constructionBolted double frameBolted double frame
Bogie axle
Front cage area1.40 m²1.79 m²
Long flat bed3,500 mm3,710 mm
Hydraulic pivoting draw bar with 2 cylinders
Stanchion pairs3 + 13 + 1
Load capacity on non-public roads6 t6 t
Permitted total weight on public highwaysup to 6 tup to 8 t
Dead weight with craneapprox. 1.7 tapprox. 2.2 t
Lightingas per StVZO (German road traffic licensing reg.s), integrated in frame, retractable
Control panel on the draw bar
Brake system2-wheel hydraulic2-wheel hydraulic
Brake surface300 x 60 mm, 6-hole wheel300 x 60 mm, 6-hole wheel
Tyres380/55-17" 14, PR grooved tread380/55-17" 14, PR grooved tread
Wheel with valve protection

Loading craneLK 2764LK 3767
Range6,340 mm6,700 mm
Lift moment, net27 kNm35 kNm
Pivoting moment8.1 kNm11,9 kNm
Crane control8-way mechanical, 2 control toggles, 2 electrical functions (rocker) for gripper and telescope
Clamshell gripper (Pm 150) (Pm 230)



Independent hydraulic oil supply, incl. Cardan shaft


480/45-17" grooved tread, with valve protectionoptional
4-wheel hydraulic brakeoptional

Overrun brake with 2-wheel hydraulic brake

2-wheel air brake with 2-wheel hydraulic brakeoptional
Crane cable winch with wireless control, 1.5 t tractive forceoptionaloptional
Pendulum with internal concealed hosesoptional
Cut material panoptionaloptional
Stanchion pair insertion in the rearoptionaloptional
Crane floodlightsoptional

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