Profi forwarding trailers

Requirements for modern forwarding trailers vary greatly depending on the respective area of application. Pfanzelt offers the most extensive range of forwarding trailers on the market. This offers every user the possibility to individually compose the Pfanzelt Profi forwarding trailers for his requirements.

Fully loaded, the forwarding trailer climbs uphill.

The trailer P15 has an operating load capacity of 13 t and is convincing with its great performance and a professional double telescope forestry crane of the 5 mt-range. The P15 can be optionally equipped with the powerful, hydraulic wheel drive powerDRIVE by Pfanzelt.

The Profi series introductory model

The P11+ sparks a passion by powerful performance with compact dimensions. It has been equipped with a powerful forestry crane in load class B4.
For duty in demanding terrain, the P11+ can also be equipped with uniDRIVE wheel drive.

Practical report

Pfanzelt forwarding trailers are not only used in forests. Tree professional Josef Höllinger uses a P13 Profi forwarding trailer to transport materials when felling on the construction site and during removal.

Practical report

It is a very special task requiring precision work from people, animals and machines. For example, Agrarservice Frank uses his P15 Profi forwarding trailer with powerDRIVE 2-wheel drive when forwarding on sensitive soil.


The strong frame structure which is based on a torsion-resistant central spar is the basis for the excellent off-road<br/> handling properties of the Pfanzelt forwarding trailer, even when loaded. The central spar is made of fine grain steels to cope with the highest loads. Besides maximum stability, this design offers maximum ground clearance. The central spar has a double wall in the crane mounting plate area to provide the forwarding trailer with additional strength for heavy crane attachments. A second spar is has been welded to the central spar to exacting technical standards.

Frame extension and sliding axle

The flat bed can be extended by up to 2,000 mm for the transport of various timber lengths by means of an integrated, extensible frame. The greatest possible flexibility for loading of the forwarding trailer is also assured by the stanchions whose position can be changed by sliding them along the central spar and the axle bogie. By sliding the axle bogie, heavy loads can be precisely adjusted to the tractor type, thus avoiding the drawbar load being exceeded and also preventing a negative drawbar load.

Bogie axle

The bogie axle of Pfanzelt forwarding trailers offers stability during crane operation and the best possible drive characteristics. The large pendulum travel of the bogie axle has a range of up to 394 mm. This enables that the trailer can safely drive over branches and other obstacles. The even distribution of the ground pressure is another big advantage.


The bogie axle is mounted on lubricatable and adjustable spherical articulated bearings. This guarantees true running for many years.

Steerable draw bar

Pfanzelt forwarding trailers are equipped as standard with a pivoting draw bar with a large steering angle. The maximum excursion from the centre is +/- 750 mm. Reliable operation even when the loaded rear trailer is turned uphill is assured by two powerful hydraulic cylinders. The pivoting moment is thus 23.6 kNm (at an oil pressure of 200 bar). The steerable draw bar is mechanically locked for on-road driving in the one-man system.


The draw bar of the Profi forwarding trailer is available in both top- and bottom-hitched versions. The bearings of the pivoting draw bar in the form of lubricatable and adjustable spherical articulated bearings ensure long-term operating safety of this component that is subject to heavy loading.

With a hydraulic self-oil supply, the powerful piston pump is, protected from damage, installed either above or below the drawbar in an encapsulated manner.

Brake system

Pfanzelt Pro forwarding trailers are equipped as standard with a braking system that acts on four wheels. Depending on the trailer size, the braking system is available as a hydraulic or pneumatic system. The compact diaphragm brake cylinders are completely encapsulated with a protective hood. This means that the brake system is protected from damage by branches or the gripper.

Permit for public roads

Travel on public roads is no problem for Pfanzelt machines, even when loaded. Depending on the equipment, a CoC document is available for 25 km/h.


LED lighting with turn signal monitoring

The lighting system using LED lights is integrated in the frame. To protect the lights when working in the forest, these can be folded in.

Transport boxes

The high cut material box is suitable for the transport of light brush and treetop material, while the floor pan is ideal for the combined<br/> transport of branches and trunks. If this is permanently mounted on the vehicle, this protects the tyres from damage by the gripper.


Tool box and holder

Chain saws and fuel canisters can be practically and neatly stowed on the forwarding trailer. An additional storage bin is ideally suited for lashing belts, tools and other small items.

Drive systems

uniDRIVE (only P11 and P13)

Pfanzelt's hydraulic wheel drive uniDRIVE sets new standards in the price-performance ratio and is available for Pfanzelt Profi forwarding trailers (P11, P13 and P15).

  • Maximum thrust per wheel up to 2 t
  • Hydraulic supply by own oil supply or tractor hydraulics
  • No wear during road travel by disconnecting the drive



The new hydraulic wheel drive powerDRIVE made by Pfanzeltoffers a new wheel drive dimension. It is convincing in the forest and on the road.

  • Maximum thrust 6.1 t
  • Proportional drive for forward and reverse travel
  • All brake systems available in combination with the wheel hub drive
  • Automatic drive switch-off when braking
  • Freewheel for wear-free road travel

The wheel hub drive is equipped with an electric control unit by which the driver can control the drive from the tractor's cab. This allows the operator to switch between the simple drive for forward travel
and reversing which is automatically switched off during braking and an uphill assist function.


TypeThrustMaximum speed
2WD-I2,4 t8,8 km/h
2WD-II3,1 t

8,2 km/h

4WD-I4,8 t4,4 km/h
4WD-II6,1 t4,1 km/h

Data depends on hydraulic oil quantity and pressure.


Pfanzelt forestry cranes are designed for professional duty. The Pfanzelt crane range includes loading cranes in various lift classes. All Pfanzelt cranes have a larger lifting force and a higher pivoting moment to enable powerful pivoting of the crane – even uphill.

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Crane upgrade to double telescope - NEW Cranes 4282/ 5287

  • Crane length 8,200 mm
  • Lifting torque 4,2 mt
  • Protected telescopic cylinder
  • Internal hose installation

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Technical specs

Pro forwarding trailersP11+P13P15P17
Customize your machineConfiguratorConfiguratorConfiguratorConfigurator
Frame constructionCentral tube frame 
Central tube size200 x 200 x 10 mm200 x 200 x 10 mm200 x 200 x10 mm300 x 200 x10 mm
Bogie axle

Double walled in crane support zone

Frame extension 2,000 mm (mechanically extensible)

Long flat bed3,800 mm - 5,900 mm3,800 mm - 5,900 mm3,800 mm - 5,900 mm4,500 mm - 6,500 mm
Headache rack as per UVV

Front cage area2.12 m²2.38 m²2.87 m²3.52 m²
Hydraulic pivoting draw bar with 2 cylinders

Stanchion pairs4444
Load capacity on non-public roads9 t11 t13 t15 t
Permitted total weight on public highways11 t13 t

15 t

17 t
Dead weight with craneapprox. 3.3 tapprox. 3.6 t

approx. 4.2 t

approx. 4.5 t
Lightingas per StVZO (German road traffic licensing reg.s), integrated in frame, retractable
TÜV certification 25 km/h

Control panel on the draw bar

Brake system2-wheel hydraulic

4-wheel air brake

4-wheel air brake

4-wheel air brake
Brake surface300 x 90 mm, 8–hole wheel300 x 90 mm, 8–hole wheel406 x 120 mm, 10–hole wheel

406 x 120 mm, 10–hole wheel

Dimensions380/55-17" 14, PR grooved tread480/45-17" 14, PR grooved tread500/45–22.5" 12, PR stud profile600/50– 22.5" 12, PR stud profile
Wheel with valve protection
Rim flange reinforcement, spar sleeve protectionoptionaloptional

Loading craneLK 4267LK 4272LK 5180LK 51100
Range6,340 mm7,140 mm8,000 mm9,950 mm
Lift moment net40.5 kNm

40.5 kNm

51 kNm51 kNm
Pivoting moment15.2 kNm15.2 kNm21.5 kNm21.5 kNm
Crane control8-way mechanical, 2 control toggles, 2 electrical functions (rocker) for gripper and telescope
Clamshell gripper Pm 230

Crane inspection and initial acceptance incl. inspection book



480/45-17" grooved tread, with valve protectionoptional

520/50-17" grooved tread, with valve protection



520/50-17" 159B forestry wheeloptional
560/45–22.5" stud profile, forestry wheeloptional


600/50–22.5" stud profile, forestry wheeloptional

Hydraulic 4-wheel brakeoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
4-wheel overrun brake automatic jolt controloptional
4-wheel air brakeoptional

Combi brake (air brake and hydraulic 4-wheel brake)optionaloptionaloptional


Loading crane 4167 (6,620 mm crane length)optional
Loading crane 4272 (7,140 mm crane length)optional

Loading crane 4177 (7,550 mm crane length)


Loading crane 5180 (8,000 mm crane length)optional


Loading crane 5280 (7,800 mm crane length)optionaloptional

Loading crane 6180 (8,000 mm crane length)



Loading crane 6280 (7,800 mm crane length)


Loading crane 4282 double telescope (7.960 mm crane length)


Loading crane 5287 double telescope (8,730 mm crane length)


Loading crane 5186 (8,800 mm crane length)



Loading crane 5286 (8,600 mm crane length)optionaloptionaloptionaloptional

Loading crane 6186 (8,800 mm crane length)



Loading crane 6286 (8,600 mm crane length)optionaloptionaloptionaloptional

Loading crane 51100 (9,950 mm crane length)


Loading crane 61100 (9,950 mm crane length)optionaloptional
Z-Crane Z4389 (5,700 mm crane length)optionaloptional
Z-Crane Z5376 (7,600 mm crane length)optionaloptionaloptional
Z-Crane Z5388 (8,800 mm crane length)optionaloptionaloptional
Independent hydraulic oil supply via piston pumpoptionaloptional



Crane operation via EHC control block with wireless control unitoptionaloptional



Crane cable winch with wireless control, 1.5 t tractive forceoptionaloptional



Pendulum with concealed hosesoptionaloptional



Crane operating hours counteroptionaloptional



Crane floodlightsoptionaloptional



Cut material boxoptionaloptional



Floor panoptionaloptional



TÜV 40 km/hoptionaloptional



Draw bar, bottom hitchoptionaloptionaloptional


Ball hitchoptionaloptionaloptional



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