Pfanzelt forestry tractors

Pfanzelt forestry machines guarantee minimum operating costs. The combination of modern engine technology, power hydraulic systems as well as economical split or hydrostatic transmissions are the basis for maximum cost effectiveness.

Pm Trac Generation 36

Generation 36 is the new series of the Pm Trac system tractor. The optics are almost unchanged, but there is a lot of new technology.

Pm Trac multipurpose tractor

Versatility is its strength - working comfort and ease of use are its virtues. Visually, the Pm Trac has remained virtually unchanged. However, the technology in the new vehicle chassis has undergone extensive development.

  • Deutz engine with 180, 235 or 292 hp 
  • variaDRIVE continuously variable split transmission, up to 50 km/h (max. speed with reduced engine speed)
  • Hydraulic system with 160 l/min (optional 200 l/min and additional power pack directly on the gearbox PTO) at 210 bar
  • New software and touchscreen operator terminals for machine control

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Pm Trac 8-wheel

The Pfanzelt 8x8 forwarding trailer consists of a system tractor and a trailer. This combination can do everything that a conventional forwarder can, and a lot more besides. The unit is KWF-tested and licensed as an 8-wheel machine.

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