Pfanzelt forestry tractors

Pfanzelt forestry machines guarantee minimum operating costs. The combination of modern engine technology, power hydraulic systems as well as economical split or hydrostatic transmissions are the basis for maximum cost effectiveness.

Pm Trac III

With the unveiling of the Pm Trac at the Agritechnica trade fair in Hannover in November 2004, Pfanzelt set new standards in the design of system tractors. Nine years later, with the presentation of the Pm Trac 2380, the first 3rd generation model, a completely new vehicle was unveiled.

Pm Trac III multipurpose tractor

The Pfanzelt Pm Trac III tractor system, thanks to its unique vehicle design. is optimised for combined service in agriculture and forestry as well as in landscape management. With the new generation, a completely new vehicle chassis has now been developed with key components, however, that are based on tried and tested series production parts. The core of the Pm Trac machine are the central attachment bay over the centre of the rear axle and the rapid and flexible adaptation to various working conditions.

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Pm Trac III 8-wheel

The Pfanzelt 8x8 forwarding trailer consists of a system tractor and a trailer. This combination can do everything that a conventional forwarder can, and a lot more besides. The unit is KWF-tested and licensed as an 8-wheel machine.

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Pm Forsttrac

The Pfanzelt Forsttrac 2380 is a special version of the Pm Trac tractor system, optimised for the heaviest duty applications with cable winch and logging grab in the forest. A new vehicle configuration with front winch ensures optimum weight distribution and a high degree of soil protection.
he sliding tube front axle with hydraulic suspension and automatic locking offers a new dimension in stability for crane operation.

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