Felix 6 WD special forestry hauler

In comparison to the predecessor model, the rear section of the Felix 214 6WD has been completely reworked. What has not changed is the underlying combined machine concept, which is compact and manoeuvrable for handling long timber while offering a large loading capacity for short timber. This technical solution gives a major lead in economic efficiency compared with other approaches.


The rear section is configured so that the wheel base can be hydraulically telescoped by 1,200 mm to create perfect conditions for working with both long and short timber.

The 6-wheel variant is used as short chassis for long timber handling, as combination chassis with telescoping rear section for short and long timber handling and as long chassis for forwarding.


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More details on Felix 6-wheel


The new generation of the Felix special forestry tractors has a completely new, modern and efficient powertrain.


The new hydra2POWER combines the following features:

  • powerful drive thanks to heavy duty components
  • optimum traction due to permanent all-wheel drive and hydraulic longitudinal differential
  • low fuel consumption thanks to modern wide angle hydraulic motors
  • high degree of safety thanks to active parking control
  • low maintenance costs


The hydra2POWER continuous traction drive - developed by Pfanzelt in-house - of the new Felix forestry tractor series consists of two powerful and large hydraulic pumps and motors. Each axle is thus assigned its own drive unit. No mechanical components that often require additional maintenance are required in this system. The heavy duty design of hydraulic components enables low engine revs even when driving on-road. The road cruising speed of 40 km/h is thus achieved at an engine speed of 1,600 rpm.

The permanent all-wheel drive and hydraulic longitudinal differential assure you of optimum traction and great flexibility. The driver is thus able to rely on full traction in all situations. When driving with chains or belts on only one axle, the front section of the vehicle does not lock with respect to the rear section. The result is less wear of tyres and vehicle combined with lower fuel consumption.

High efficiency and consequently low operating costs are made possible by the two 45° swivel angle hydraulic motors.

The electronic control of the traction drive allows the programming of application-specific driving characteristics. Depending on whether the vehicle is driving off or on road, acceleration, coasting during deceleration and active parking control are adjusted. The driver can thus manoeuvre precisely on steep slopes solely with the gas pedal. 

The vehicle layout

In order to create ideal conditions for the work with long and short timber, the rear carriage was designed such that the wheelbase can be hydraulically telescoped by 1,200 mm. When handling long timber with a crane and clamping bench, the Felix 6-WD with short wheelbase is compact and manoeuvrable. If the situation arises that short logs also need to be loaded, the wheelbase can be extended hydraulically.

This forms a stanchion basket for transporting short timber. In contrast to other combination machines, the stanchion basket is located on the vehicle with a favourable centre of gravity. If a clamping bench is installed instead of the stanchion basket, it is also optimally positioned above the axle bogie.

The quick conversion system

The Pfanzelt quick conversion system enables rapid and tool-free conversion of the stanchion cage to a clam bunk. During conversion of the machine, add-ons can be fitted to the flat bed.

Roller block

Even on steep slopes, efficient and safe working is assured with the hydraulic height adjustment of the roller block.

Guide tubes for winch cables ensure the required protection of the cable winch unit right up to the cable infeed roller. The risk of the cable being damaged by the gripper is therefore excluded.

Permit for public roads

When considering the work process of a forestry machine, it is essential start the analysis at the yard and not leave until you are out in the wood. How the machine reaches the work location and how it travels from one work site to the next are also big factors in the overall economy. Does the forestry machine have to be brought to the location by a truck on a low loader or does it have a transmission system that also enables travel on public roads?

The Felix offers the flexibility of a vehicle concept that does not require any external aids to reach the work site or to change between work sites and is also suited for felling work in various working areas.


XXL - cab

The tractor cab developed by Pfanzelt with pneumatic suspension enable smooth and vibration-free operation.

The view over the working environment is further extended by 7 m² of window area. The driver has an even better view of his working zone, this means less stress and increasing safety. The driver has a relaxed and ergonomic sitting and working position on the operator stand that can now can be turned through 320° by electric motor. The intelligent machine controller – which is operated via a monitor from the seat – also saves the individual preferred settings for different drivers.

The Pfanzelt XXL cab has been especially created with the demands of our customers in mind – low vibrations when working in standing timber yet with maximum comfort when driving on public roads.

All operating and monitoring functions are mounted on the seat and therefore always in the operator’s field of vision.

An additional control panel for on-road driving is provided next to the steering wheel. All key parameters are conveniently displayed in driver’s field of vision.

Unique in the forestry industry and essential for municipal use is the possibility to install a passenger seat in the driver’s cab as an option.

For forestry work, the steering column is simply and rapidly folded to one side.

Service friendly

The distribution of the vehicle components requires that the engine, transmission and the main hydraulic components are installed under the cab. In spite of this, all areas that have to be accessed in the Felix specialised forestry tractor for service work can be easily reached without tools via various special service openings. In addition to the ergonomic one-man system for hydraulically opening and closing the vehicle floor plates, the cab, for example, can be hydraulically tilted open. Additional service hatches at the entrances provide side access.

Technical specs for Felix 6-wheel

 Felix 214.5 6WD KFelix 214.5 6WD V
Customize your machineConfiguratorConfigurator

Deutz TCD 6.1 Stage V

Power (at 2,100 rpm as per ISO14396)133 kW/ 180 hp or 174 kW/ 236 hp
Torque818 Nm at 1,500 rpm/ 1,072 Nm at 1,500 rpm
No. of cylinders / cylinder capacity

6 / 6,057 cm³

Exhaust gas treatment

SCR catalyst, for exhaust gas treatment, performance (ISO 14396)

Tank capacity

220 L


Pfanzelt hydra2POWER


Hydrostatic infinitely adjustable traction drive, 2 pumps with dual motor technology (each axle one unit), drive without Cardan shaft, hydraulic motors with wide angle technology up to 45 degrees, max. traction force approx. 142 kN at diesel engine speed of 1,600 rpm, hydrostatic direction reversal, reversing circuit (forward / reverse ), driving speed from 0-39 km/h, hydraulic spring accumulator, parking brake


Rear section frame made of fine grain steel, box structure, central spar

Telescopic central spar (1,200 mm)
Loading bed

Without head frame

3,240 mm/ 4,440 mm

2,070 mm width

3.2 m² loading cross-section


Front axle (rigid planetary axle) Kessler, load capacity 29 t
Rear axle (rigid planetary axle) NAF tandem axle

All-wheel drive

Permanent all-wheel drive with hydraulic longitudinal differential
Electrohydraulic locking for front and rear axle


Hydrostatic steering with separate oil circuit, adjustable steering column height and inclination, steering columns folds away during forestry operations, combined steering function consisting of articulated and stub axle steering in the rear section, separately operated under field conditions via joystick, for driving on public roads via steering wheel (articulated steering only), rear steering in this case locked


Pressure- & volume controlled axial piston pump with load-sensing function, performance: 200 L at 215 bar, control valves: Electrically proportionally controlled valves, managed by electronically programmable control unit, joystick (Colt type), hydraulic tank 160 L

Control valves

Electrically proportionally controlled valves, managed by electronically programmable control unit, joystick (Colt type)


Control panel, touchbutton control integrated in operator console, functions for crane settings, cable winch, differential, steering


Spacious cab with air suspension and all-round view (over 7 m² window area), two large roof windows front and rear, safety cab as per ISO standards (ROPS)

Rear window made of 12 mm mono-polycarbonate (regulation for use with cable winches)

Air suspended rotary seat with seat heaterThe complete control station can be rotated through 320° by an electric motor (Grammer Actimo XL)
Joystick supports on both armrests

Heating with 3-stage blower, automatic air-conditioning

Fire extinguisher

(integrated in cab)


12 working floodlights integrated in cab roof

front: 620/75–26"
rear: 650/45–22.5"
front: Nokian 28L–26"
rear: 710/40-22.5"/

front: 620/75–26"
rear: 650/45–22.5"
front: Nokian 28L–26"
rear: 710/40-22.5"/

Additional standard equipment

Detachable mudguards, 2 large stowage bins with integrated pneumatically operated step

Dead weight / permitted max. weight

According to equipment / 20.4 t (40 km/h)


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