Where can I find my machine's serial number?

The serial number of your machine is on the type plate that is directly mounted on the machine.

Please not that the location of the type plate on your machine may vary due to the respective equipment installed.

3-point linkage cable winches and cable winch assemblies

Normally the type plate is found on single drum cable winches on the left side in the direction of rotation on the panelling of the device. In the case of double drum cable winches, the type plate is located on the side of the drum casing facing the tractor.


In all Pfanzelt cranes, the type plate is located on the crane column. Depending on the type, it may be on the rearside of the crane (cranes with top-mounted main boom cylinder) or on the side of the main boom cylinder.

Pfanzelt Felix special forestry tractor

The type plate is locating in the joint region of the vehicle on the right seen from the direction of travel.

Moritz Fr70/ Fr75