Wood fuel felling gripper

The Pfanzelt 4023 wood fuel felling gripper is designed so that it is optimally suited for harvesting trunks up to 40 cm girth and for loading the harvested wood fuel.

Mode of operation with felling gripper

The Pfanzelt felling gripper is mounted on loading or forwarding cranes with a net lifting force of approx. 5 mt and with a reach over 8m. The hydraulics is supplied via a separate hose package running externally past the crane. The felling gripper is normally mounted via pendulum and rotator. For initial thinning, the felling gripper can also be mounted via a mounting plate with cylinder guide for optimum fixing and to avoid damage to standing timber. This prevents the machine swinging. 

More details on the felling gripper

Felling and sorting

The Pfanzelt felling gripper is used to fell wood fuel during initial thinning, for opening forest trails in standing timber and on short-cycle plantations with older trees. The felling gripper is also ideally suited for cutting back branches on green shoulders.

Harvesting and loading

In addition, the felling gripper can also be fitted with double clam shell grippers to collect and load tree sections or for directly loading of cut wood fuel. This is possible because in contrast to other systems, the sawing unit can be pivoted via a sickle toothed gearing out of the gripper range.

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