Natural forest conversion with the sowing strip milling machine at Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania State Forestry

The task at the Karbow forestry district of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania State Forestry was to regenerate a disaster area in a cost-effective and nature-oriented manner and to introduce mixtures into the remaining spruce stocks. The Moritz mini felling tractor with Pfanzelt sowing strip milling machine was selected as the working method.



  • Reforest 1.5 to 2 hectares of disaster area in harmony with nature and introduce a mixture into the still-standing spruce stocks
  • Include hardwood into the existing natural spruce regeneration
  • Soil-friendly and nature-oriented process for the limited integration of beech


Technology used

  • Moritz Fr75 mini felling tractor (equipment: manual PTO)
  • Pfanzelt sowing strip milling machine


The conclusion drawn by Katharina Köppchen, District Manager, and Dörthe Bokelmann, Head of the Krabow Forestry Office: "I'm really surprised that we were able to finish the 1.5 to 2 hectares so quickly." The officials are impressed by the process and the efficiency. "We can see that the machine is very manoeuvrable. So it is also possible to work through the stocks," Katharina Köppchen continues. The fact that the sowing strip milling machine can be used in existing standing timber as well as on open spaces was also important for its application. The Moritz was able to showcase its strengths here. The Moritz was also able to impress due to its soil protection. Flat mulching should be avoided and is not necessary in this procedure.

Finally, it was noted that: "Sowing efficiency is impressive. I have never seen such a beautiful plough strip before; the intervention in the topsoil is minimal. The existing natural regeneration has been retained. I would use this method again."