The Moritz mowing and mulching crawler in use as a remote-controlled implement carrier

The improved mini mowing tractor versions of the Moritz implement carrier come in 50 and 75HP variants and reflect the motto The design is the same, but everything is new. Technically, they are playing in a different league. With a universal three-point mounting, mechanical PTO and power hydraulics, these high-performance mini tractors offer impressive performance in a wide range of applications. They can be combined with existing attachments. The Moritz today ranks alongside a traditional mini mowing or mulching tractor, but also offers further advantages.

In combination with the traction cable winch, the Moritz radio-controlled crawler becomes an unbeatable helper on very demanding and steep terrain.

Evolving from a mini forestry tractor into a multipurpose implement carrier

The Moritz was introduced in 2016 as a mini felling tractor for forestry. We quickly realised that ideas for Moritz's application go far beyond what we could initially have imagined. We have continued to work on the technology and are now proud to present the second generation: a fully-fledged, multipurpose implement carrier. Today's Moritz impresses not only in forestry. Its two double-bladed mowers also excel at environmentally-friendly mowing of steep slopes, biotope areas and moss meadows, for example. Other possible applications include alpine meadow inclines or ski slopes.

Professional technology – the details

High-torque diesel engines

Technically, the second generation of Moritz mini tractors is playing in a different league. This starts with the high-torque (up to 260Nm) four-cylinder Deutz engine, now offering 36.4 or 55.4kW. The powerful common rail injection system and highly efficient combustion featuring cooled external exhaust gas recirculation guarantee maximum engine performance as well as low fuel consumption and emission values. The water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine has cooled external exhaust gas recirculation and comes with or without turbocharging in the Fr75 model and without in the Fr50 model. The new engine categories in conjunction with the powerful hydraulics system and the additional mechanical PTO mean higher-output attachable implements can be operated.

Full power, less fuel

The Moritz Fr70/75 mini mowing tractor comes with a Cleanfix reversible fan as standard.  This guarantees the system always generates the maximum air flow and pressure needed for efficient cooling and thorough cleaning.

High-specification hydraulics

The hydraulics system consists of three separate systems for the traction drive, on-board and power hydraulics. This separation opens up new dimensions for all three systems.

  • Traction drive hydraulics | 2x 11kW, i.e. one pump per chassis
  • On-board hydraulics | 18l/min, 200 bar, six dual-action control units
  • Power hydraulics | 96l/min, 300 bar with multi-coupling

The on-board hydraulics now offer up to four proportional and two black and white double-action functions, all of which can be operated simultaneously using the remote control.

Taking the traction drive into a different league

Depending on requirements, the proportional traction drive can be pre-selected within two infinitely adjustable speed levels. Top speed, for travelling to the work site for example, is 6.0km/h. Operation is by a joystick that can be used with one hand. This also makes it possible to turn the vehicle on the spot by having the two chassis rotating in opposite directions.

The traction drive offers comfort functions for greater ease of use and higher working performance. A drift setting can be pre-configured to compensate for the gravitational effect when mowing diagonally across a slope. The remote control device also allows infinitely variable adjustment of the final speed to suit the application or the implement attached. 

The track gauge of the Moritz can be changed to achieve optimal chassis width for transport and ensure stability on slopes. The chassis can be hydraulically widened by 400mm using the remote control.  This effectively prevents tipping over even on extreme slopes, giving optimal protection against overturning.

A mini mowing tractor that is ideal for sensitive ground and demanding terrain

The large chassis comes in two widths: 250mm, or 300mm for special applications.

Combined with the tractor’s low dead weight, this ensures ground contact pressure is only a minimal 0.28 or 0.33kg/cm². Even in wet areas, working and driving will not damage the ground.

Always energized

The new generation of Moritz remote-controlled implement carriers also has a completely new drive design. Automatic belt tracking by means of a hydraulically tensioned twin guide wheel reliably prevents the belts from slipping off even on rough surfaces or when driving uphill or over obstacles.

Remote control - all the functions in the palm of your hand

All functions can be operated and monitored using the entirely new ergonomic remote control. Only one hand is required to control the traction drive. The other hand is then conveniently free to operate the attached implement.

  1. Infinitely variable engine speed adjustment
  2. Rear hoist and hoist relief
  3. Travel direction pre-selector
  4. Proportional steering units
  5. Forestry cable winch
  6. Throttle lever
  7. PTO
  8. Cleanfix reversible fan
  9. Horn
  10. Engine start/stop
  11. Chassis width
  12. Drift setting
  13. Final speed preselection
  14. Lighting 1/2
  15. Forestry cable winch
  16. Hoist lowering speed
  17. B/w control units
  18. Emergency stop

A multipurpose mini mulching tractor

The remote-controlled implement carrier offers two attachment mounts. The main one uses a three-point mounting (category 1) for fitting implements. A front attachment mount with hoist is also available as an option.

For use in difficult tree felling, a winch mounted using a quick-change system can be integrated into the vehicle in just a few steps. A single person can do this in only a few minutes, using the lifting device.

  1. On-board hydraulics with up to four proportional and two b/w dual-action control units
  2. Float position, optional hoist relief and adjustable lowering speed for rear hoist
  3. Power hydraulics with 96l/min, 300 bar and multi-coupling for demanding applications
  4. Mechanical PTO for driving attachments with high efficiency and almost no power loss
  5. The winch can be removed without tools using a lifting device in just a few minutes
  6. Three-point category 1 attachment mount with maximum lifting capacity of 11kN and optional hydraulic hoist relief

The mechanical PTO of the Moritz is unique among mini mowing and mulching tractors on the market. It is directly driven with hardly any loss of power, making it highly efficient in use. Intelligent PTO management enables optimal performance for the implement and protects the engine.

A second attachment mount is available at the front of the vehicle as an option. The front power lift generates a maximum lifting force of 7kN and can also be fitted with a top link point.

Details that make the difference

In addition to a lockable storage compartment with a charger for the battery in the remote controller, the Moritz mini mowing tractor offers multiple stowing options and a chainsaw holder.

Optional headlights allow safe use in twilight or at night. These can be positioned flexibly or fixed to the roll bar.

The Moritz has a generous bonnet that can be almost completely opened for easy maintenance. All important components are then within easy reach.

Easy to transport

The machine’s dimensions and weight of 1.4 metric tonnes without attachments make moving it on a car trailer or a transporter simple and fast.

Pfanzelt attachments for the Moritz


Mower mulcher with flail blades and a working width of 1,200mm (mechanically driven by PTO) Mechanical lateral displacement (approx. 400mm)

Optionally with hydraulic lateral displacement or hydraulic front panel

Forestry mulcher MAX

Forestry mulcher with 40 carbide round tools, arranged spirally and usable on three sides, hydraulic flap, working width 1,200mm (mechanically driven by PTO), mechanical lateral displacement.

Optionally with hydraulic lateral displacement.

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Auxiliary winch

For use on steep slopes the Moritz can be fitted with an auxiliary winch for 360° use with a tractive force of 1.0 metric tonnes. The cable length is 50m. The vehicle can therefore be used safely and without damaging the ground even on extreme terrain.

Cable winch

For use in safety felling, the Moritz can be fitted with a professional (built-in) geared cable winch with a tractive force of 5.0-7.2 metric tonnes. Proportional cable speed in both directions allows adjustment to different work situations.

Optionally equipped with a cable infeed brake

Sowing strip tiller

  • Mechanical drive via PTO
  • Milling depth 250 mm
  • V-shaped seed furrow
  • Teeth made of hardened metal
  • Coarse and fine sowing wheel
  • Furrow filler, pressure wheel


  • Operation via Moritz radio control
  • Automated planting process
  • Tilling wheel for preparing the planting site
  • Magazine for 50 container plants

Traction cable winch

The hydraulically driven traction winch extends the range of applications of the Moritz. The traction cable winch enables safe use of the radio-controlled crawler on extremely demanding terrain.

  • Securing the Moritz mowing crawler on challenging and steep terrain
  • Reduction of soil damage in difficult soil conditions

The combination of a radio-controlled crawler and a traction winch is unique.


  • Cable length up to 1,000 m
  • 360° rotating rope guide arm

The rope infeed with all-round rotating rope infeed roller is mounted on the vertically mounted rotation arm. As such, the radio-controlled crawler is not obstructed by the tensioned pull rope and all directions of travel can be freely selected.

The remote-controlled Moritz implement carrier carrying out snow clearing duties

The Moritz clearing snow on the Glockner at an altitude of 2,450 m. The terrace of the Fuschertörl restaurant is being cleared here, among other places.

The standard three-point hitch also enables attachments from other manufacturers to be used without modification.

Technical specs


Moritz Fr70

Moritz Fr 75

EngineDeutz TD2.9L4 diesel engine
output: 36 kW/ 50 hp
4 cylinders, water-cooled, turbocharger,
Cleanfix reversible fan, combination radiator
Deutz TD2.9L4 diesel engine
output: 55 kW/ 75 hp
4 cylinders, water-cooled, turbocharger,
Cleanfix reversible fan, combination radiator
Driving hydraulicsClosed, proportional dual-circuit system, all movements can be controlled remotely, gradual driving speed adaptation, first speed stage 0-3 km/h, second speed stage 0-6 km/h
Final speed can be gradually preselected, drift setting to compensate for the downgrade force when mowing across a slope, automatically hydraulically tensioned dual stator
Running gearCaterpillar track running gear with rubber tracks in AS design (250 mm wide, 1,650 mm long)
hydraulically adjustable in width
Running gearTorsion-resistant box frame made of special steel, large, lockable storage bin integrated on the running gear
Various attachment points for securing the tractor, Solid steel underbody protection housing,  All-round branch deflectors with integrated hood protector
On-board hydraulicsSeparate oil circuit with pump (18 l/min at 200 bar)
OperationRemote control for all functions
DimensionsLength 2,300 mm, width 1,150 mm/1,550 mm, height 1,350 mm, weight 1,400 kg



Track with a width of 300 mm (instead of 250 mm as standard)optionaloptional
LED working spotlights at the front and rear (tractor)optionaloptional
Roll barsoptionaloptional
Three-point hitch for external equipmentoptionaloptional
Hoist compensation for rear hydraulicsoptionaloptional
Front power lift with a maximum lifting force of 7kNoptionaloptional
Tractor PTO transmission
  • Zero-maintenance, oil-cooled, multi-plate clutch that runs in an oil bath
  • PTO speed at transmission approximately 540 and 2,100 rpm.
Performance hydraulics
  • Closed oil circuit with axial piston adjustment pump generating a maximum output of 48 kW
  • Gradually adjustable oil supply quantity 0 - 96 l
  • 300 bar maximum pressure
  • with multicoupler (A+B+leak oil, 12V voltage)
Depressurised return with bracketoptionaloptional
Proportional DW valvemax. 4max. 4
Black/white DW valvemax. 2max. 2
Auxiliary front cable winch
  • 10 kN tractive force
  • Ø 6 mm x 30 m cable (max. 50 m)

Attachments for multifunctional applications

Grass and undergrowth mulcher


Grass and undergrowth mulcher with hydraulic flap

Forestry mulcher MAX with hydraulic flapoptionaloptional
Sowing strip mulcheroptionaloptional
Sowing module with bunker (in conjunction with strip mulcher only)optionaloptional
Planter Plantomatoptionaloptional
Hydraulically driven traction winch optionaloptional
Stump grinder for the Max forestry tilleroptionaloptional


Full technical data can be found here.

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