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Master of inclines - Pm Trac 8-whell system

As versatile as a Swiss pocket knife. The Pm Trac III.5 concept has been designed for combined use in forestry and landscaping. Versatility is its strength. The PSA quick-change system enables device changes in a matter of minutes. Effi cient 6-cylinder engines with up to 235 hp effortlessly cope with deployments requiring intensive output.

The Pm Trac 8-wheel system concept already takes into account the trip to the deployment site as part of which the vehicle easily and comfortably reaches speeds up to 40 km/h. Once the Pm Trac has arrived on site it is adapted for forwarding activities in no time.

The Pfanzelt 8-wheel forwarding combination consists of a Pm Trac system tractor generating an engine output of 180 or 235 hp and a forwarding trailer featuring 4-wheel hub drive. This combination copes with everything a conventional forwarding combination can handle and many more application options. Consequently the Pm Trac not only impresses as part of traditional applications with long timber, but also when forwarding short timber.

The air-sprung XXL comfort cab offers drivers a relaxed operating position and the best all-round view at the electrically powered driver control panel. All operating elements including pedals rotate with the seat and can thus be quickly accessed in their usual place. Drivers can control the entire machine in any position.

The powerful forestry crane boasts a capacity of 7 metre-tons and a range up to 10 metres enables quick and powerful operation. The automatic front-axle lock offers optimum stability.

In this combination the Pfanzelt Profi P17 forwarding trailer boasts a payload of 15 metric tons and a drive force of 6.4 metric tons. As a result the 8-wheel system generates a thrust of 16.4 metric tons. This means the vehicle can also cope with challenging terrain and it keeps damage to substrate to a minimum. The Pm Trac electronically and fully automatically controls the forwarding trailer’s drive speed. Operators can make any required adaptations. Consequently, it is possible to adjust the lead or lag.

The range of the steerable draw bar totals 68 degrees to thus make the combination agile and enable manoeuvring in confined spaces.

The gradually adjusting, split transmission featuring active parking control forms the basis for safe and ergonomic driving and working on inclines.

The remote-controlled dual drum cable winch is always ready for operation at the rear below the crane. It remains fully functional also in combination with the forwarding trailer.

Video tip | use on steep slopes - Pm Trac with forwarding trailer used as 8-wheel combination