Project “Sustainable and near-natural reforestation”

The areas that have to be reforested again after calamities due to bark beetles, drought, storms or forest fires have increased enormously in recent years. Pfanzelt would like to clearly illustrate how this can be done in a near-natural and sustainable manner without large-scale machine technology.

In order to make this project clear to everyone and to present it to the general public, it will be carried out on an area that will be located directly on the KWF Conference exhibition grounds in 2024, together with the KWF, the Federal Forests and other partners. The area is approx. 1.5 hectares. Most of the area’s forest stock fell victim to a storm and bark beetle. The few remaining stocks and small sites with natural regeneration remain fully intact. The material still lying on the area (tops, branches) and the sticks are also not processed if possible. So that reforestation can take place near-naturally and adapted to the terrain, a combination of planting and sowing strips and 8 x 8 m planting squares is built up. The focus will be on ensuring that the maintenance can be carried out as much as possible by machine over the next few years. Planting and sowing will be carried out in spring 2022 by two Pfanzelt Moritz forest crawlers with a planting machine and a sowing strip milling machine.

On 15 and 16 December 2021, two Moritz forest crawlers, each equipped with a MAX forest milling machine, prepared the area for planting and sowing. In order to be able to document all tasks related to Moritz, the machines were equipped with data loggers that record not only the working time, the diesel consumption but also the area performance etc. for the project.

According to GPS, we laid 1.8 km of planting and sowing strips and 32 8 x 8 planting squares . Furthermore, a 500 m long and 2 m wide fence line was laid around the area.

The plan drawn up with the Federal Forests stipulates that 70% (sessile) oak and 30% Douglas fir should be planted or sowed. As a result of the grid developed, around 2,500 container plants are planted with the newly introduced planting machine for the Moritz forest crawler.