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Exhibition autumn 2019

Exhibition autumn 2019 started successfully with DLG Waldtage. Pflanzelt’s next, major exhibition appearance this autumn is only a few days away. Pflanzelt will also be showcasing almost its entire range live at Austrofoma 2019 in Forchtenstein (Burgenland).

AUSTROFOMA is the international industry meet for forestry and forestry technology in challenging terrain. The event will be taking place from 8 - 10 October in the forests owned by Esterhazy companies. The practical and pioneering application of forestry machinery in Esterhazy companies’ forests, which are dominated by near-natural forestry, demonstrates that naturalistic forestry goes hand in hand with modern, contemporary forestry technology.

Just like at DLG Waldtage, an exhibition that came to a close only a few days ago, Pfanzelt will be showcasing forestry technology for efficient and safe forestry work at the event. In addition to tried and tested products the company will also be introducing some innovations:

  • powerDRIVE - the new wheel drive made by Pfanzelt
  • Pm Trac with driven forwarding trailer and Comfort control as 8-wheel combination
  • Personal protection screen for Moritz mini felling tractor


The following machines will be live in application at Austrofoma 2019:


Experience the multi-talent live

At total of five Moritz mini felling tractors with different attachments will be available at Austrofoma for live presentations.

Once presented in 2016 as a felling tool, Moritz has evolved to a multifunctionally suitable, tracked minitractor today. The new vehicle convinces in challenging terrain and on sensitive substrate. The low weight and its compact dimensions enable simple transport on a trailer suitable for passenger cars.

In addition to the cable winch, integrated on the vehicle at a favourable centre of gravity, it is possible to attach additional tools to the standard three-point hitch with PTO. In this context Pfanzelt offers a forestry mulcher in addition to a forestry milling tool.


Personal protection screen nominated

The new personal protection screen for Moritz mini felling tractors has been nominated for the Austrofoma Innovation Award. The thought behind the system is simple: boosting the safety of loggers operating manually on the ground. Previous systems to protect from deadwood during felling all focussed on individual stages. Thanks to the personal protection screen for mini felling tractors it is now possible to protect the complete felling process including access areas. Thanks to the remote control the protection screen is set up even before accessing the hazardous area. Get information on site! We are looking forward to interesting conversations.


The Pfanzelt exhibition stand will be located on the circuit, stand number 127