- Pfanzelt Profi-line

THE Pfanzelt Profi-line forwarding trailer from Germany's largest manufacturer of forestry equipment sits in between the S-line and the Log-line models. The Profi offers off-road payloads from 9 to 15 tonnes. For larger payloads up to 17 tonnes, users should look to the Log-line range.

The Profi is a professional heavy-duty trailer built using fine-grained steels and a strong central tubular frame. The single frame provides better absorption of the crane's lifting forces, as weil as giving maximum stability and improved ground clearance.

All Pfanzelt's timber trailers come fitted with a wide-angled steering drawbar via two robust pistons, easily mechanically locked as needed. The bogie axles provide for a wide travel angle up to 394 mm, for safer travel over rough terrain as well as a more even distribution of ground pressure. 

The ability to slide the trailer's axles allows the user flexibility on carrying of timber lengths, while gaining optimum weight distribution. An extendable rear frame can also increase the loading area by up to 2 metres if required. 

A range of fast and powerful 84-class loading cranes are available, with reaches up to 10 metres and a hoisting force of 7 metres. 

Space-saving A frame stabilisers give optimum parking stability, allowing the operator to get close to timber stacks. Pfanzelt uses Danfoss hydraulics and mechanical controls as standard, with options to upgrade to cabled or remote EHC controls. The crane's hoses are carefully concealed within the arm, and can also be optionally integrated at the rotator, giving protected hoses all the way to the tip.

If drive is required, the hydraulic UNIDRIVE is a cost-effective option providing a thrust of up to 2 tonnes per wheel. UNIDRIVE still allows the use of wheel chains and avoids potential ineffectiveness in heavily soiled areas. For increased power, the wheel hub POWERDRIVE provides up to 6.1 tonnes of thrust and is available on either two or all four wheels.

With consideration to the high design specification and build quality, Pfanzelt trailers have an excellent price-to-performance ratio, especially with Pfanzelt's current discount promotion. This is valid until September 30, 2022.

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