- Moritz planting machine

Over the past few years there has been a renewed focus on improving silviculture operations through mechanisation. One of the operations that has not been optimally refined operate efficiently is mechanised planting. During the recent KWF exhibition, Pfanzelt introduced the Moritz planting machine. Pfanzelt is not new to forestry, they produce various other forestry products cable winches, forwarding trailers and cranes

How the planter works

The planting attachment is on the Moritz tracked carrier which has been used for the various applications such as winching and mulching. The machine is equipped with a hydraulically driven cutting disc to remove unwanted vegetation in and around the planting area. The planting spade is then used to prepare the planting hole. The planting magazine rotates, and the plant falls into the ground. The plant is then pressed on with a hydraulically operated device to ensure the necessary contact with the ground. After the planting process is complete, the machine is returned to the starting position. This process takes place automatically and is triggered again by the machine operator via radio control after reaching the next planting site. The machine is operated using the Moritz radio control system. The planting operation is fully automated and the magazine which holds the seedlings can carry 50 plants at a time.



The Moritz planting machine is a fully automated planted machine which can be applied in small and medium scale regeneration operations. The carrier is adaptable and robust for forestry applications.


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