Forestmachinemagazine - Moritz - Remote-controlles mini skidder

Pfanzelt Maschinenbau was established in 1991 by

Paul Pfanzelt in Bavaria, Southern Germany, in the

foothills of the Alps. They were initially focused on

the production and assembly of geared three- point

linkage cable winches.

The company has grown rapidly over the decades,

and they now produce a large selection of highquality

forestry equipment with trailers, loaders, PM

Trac tractors, Felix forwarders, and many more

products that are gaining popularity throughout

Europe and beyond.

They currently employ 140 people, and consider the personal needs of their employees by offering flexible working hours. Pfanzelt are based in a rural community; because some employees own small farms, which are more time-consuming in certain seasons, they have introduced a ‘working-hours account’ that allows them the extra time off, which can be repaid at a later date.

The exceptional quality and reliability of their products is of paramount importance to Pfanzelt, and all the equipment is exclusively German, with the components being manufactured ‘in-house’ whenever possible. To guarantee the future continuation of these high standards, a competent, skilled workforce is essential, and Pfanzelt invests heavily in the training of young people. There are sixteen trainees undergoing apprenticeships in various departments within the company, as well as several interns on vocational training.

At the KWF Show in Roding in 2016, Pfanzelt for the first time demonstrated their latest innovation, the Moritz remote-controlled mini skidder. Much of their equipment has been designed by listening to their customers’ suggestions and needs, and the Moritz is no exception. Martin Lautenschlager, a professional forester, has been responsible for taking care of the trees in the area surrounding the stately castle Schlossberg in Regenstauf for the last 20 years.

The castle is 95 metres above the rain summit and is now very popular with tourists: it has a restaurant, viewing tower, castle gardens, two knights’ playgrounds and many walking trails. It is known for being a place ‘where history meets nature’. Martin is responsible for managing the forest, and for the safe removal of trees which are deemed a hazard to visitors and hikers. Using a normal skidder is out of the question, due to the wet ground conditions and poor access. However, the Moritz is perfect: it is able to travel on the narrow footpaths, and its rubber tracks cause minimal ground damage. It has a total weight of 1,400 kg, with the ground pressure at 0.30 kg/cm², meaning that there is almost no soil compaction either.

This is a professional piece of equipment: there is a 4.0 tonne winch with 120 m of cable capacity (Ø 10.5 mm), which Martin uses to re-direct the felling of trees that dangerously overhang the footpaths, thus minimizing damage to the paths.

Martin is then able to skid the trees to the next forest track, where the PM Trac will then then transports them to the loading area.

The Moritz has a four-cylinder 35 hp diesel engine with hydrostatic proportional drive which will travel at speeds up to 8 km/hr; it is also very capable on slopes of up to 45°. It has a large lockable toolbox, and additional holders for fuel canisters and chainsaws. It is easily transported on a car trailer or pickup, due to its compact design and light weight; this makes it a very versatile and cost-effective little skidder.

To see the Pfanzelt Moritz for yourself, you can visit Stand 810 at the Elmia Show in June, or contact them at